Unspeakable grief and the seductive explorations of young adulthood lead Cody, a beautiful 18-year-old girl, into a tawdry world of sex, drugs and sadomasochism. When Cody meets a mysterious and provocative new friend Diablo, she finds herself experimenting with enhanced forms of eroticism through pain, pleasure, exhibitionism and more.... The turmoil of losing her father and rebelling against her mother blur the lines between fantasy, humiliation and friendship. As Cody sorts through painful memories and discovers secrets locked in her psyche, Diablo takes her on a shocking thrill-ride. A terrifying, yet titillating story pushing boundaries that you'll never forget. 

Erotic thriller / 92min / USA in English / 4K


Welcome to the future... two years from now after the nuclear apocalypse that changed life as we know it. 

Black Flowers is a sci-fi road trip of epic proportions with a female super hero. Without gasoline, electricity, or communications, humanity is devolving into a barbarous society of hunting and pillaging. In this hellish landscape, one family fights for survival. 

Superhero Mother, Kate (Krista DeMille) loses her injured survivalist husband Sam (Ron Roggé) and lovestruck daughter Suzi (Andrea Sweeney Blanco) in a matter of days after they join handsome loner Joe (Jesus Lloveras) in search of a rumored hidden nuclear bunker full of food and medicine. Suddenly alone, lost in the chemical clouds and pursued by murderous scavengers, Kate fights to stay alive and reunite with her family. Joining Kate in her desperate bid to build a better world for her daughter are the kind yet doomed souls she meets along the way. Like humans, black flowers can kill or they can heal. Things are often not as they seem.

The strong cast includes Domenica Cameron-Scorsese (Cape Fear, Almost Paris, The Age of Innocence) ; William Mark McCullough (American Made, Logan Lucky, Saints and Sinners, Arsenal, The Gifted) ;Neil Dickson (Inland Empire, Twin Peaks, Mad Men, AD, She Wolf of London, Biggles, Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, Atlas Shrugged)

Sci-fi, Adventure 108 min  UK /USA production HDR

An intense and unsettling psychological thriller

When 25-year-old state witness, Mia Hoffman changed her testimony and allowed a cop-killer to go free, she was vilified. Left with undiagnosed PTSD, she suffers extreme anxiety, and hallucinations so vivid that she's no longer sure what's real and what isn't. Rejected by her friends, harassed by the police, and dismissed by the medical profession, a determined Mia forces herself to attend alternative therapy training, led by Franklin Spitz, a celebrity therapist who specializes in resolving PTSD. Using increasingly provocative psychological techniques, Franklin probes Mia for the hidden memories underlying her condition. But the goals of therapist and client are wildly divergent - Mia is searching for reality while Franklin, also suffering from a shocking trauma, is desperately trying to avoid it. Their strong wills and fragile grasps of reality lead you though a terrifying rabbit-hole of suspenseful showdowns, each more frightening than the other.

This original, unpredictable, brilliantly stylish and blazingly original thriller pins you to your seat and will keep you entranced long after the film is over.

Thriller - Mystery / 90 min. / USA / UK

Nicky is tortured by the same terrifying nightmare every night. Convinced that his recurring dream is real, he takes his girlfriend, Lora, deep into the woods to look for clues to prove he's right. As the two travel into the darkness, eight bizarre and grotesque stories unfold, each comprising a disturbing component his living nightmare.

Each chapter of Nicky's frightening nightmare is represented by distinctive tormentors including, a living monkey doll, a homicidal cowboy and a disfigured magician. As the couple delves deeper, they begin to realize that his ominous delusions may actually be horrifyingly real.

Richly imagined and genuinely eerie.
Psychological thriller/zombie/ horror/ creature film  USA / 105min/ HD/ in English


Based on a true story

A chilling, eerie portrayal of the mechanisms of the mind of a serial killer, masterfully acted and directed. Security cameras record the last days of Tila's life in prison. His past is revealed through his writings, foreboding  literary renderings of a tortured mind. Reminiscent of The Silence of the Lambs, a female journalist regularly visits him to unveil Tila's secrets.

Violence, contradictions and conflicting points of view will shape this crime story into an in-depth portrait of the mind of a murderer.

Psychological Thriller / Crime / 96min / Spanish / from Chile / HD



Revenge from Beyond the Grave

Kidnappers abduct the daughter of a wealthy businesswoman. They drive her out of the city, chaining her to a chair while waiting for instructions from the boss. Meanwhile, the boss is informed that the girl was never kidnapped and sends two men to the abandoned factory to investigate what happened.

They find the girl, hooded, tied to a chair and no sign of the kidnappers. Slowly, someone appears ... but not from the world of the living.

DEAD HEART will keep you on the edge of your seat as the shocking story unfolds in this suspenseful, highly entertaining and original creature film.


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GENRE:  Paranormal / Creature / Zombie / Horror 75 min / Spanish / HD 2015


Based on true stories of sex trafficking and sex slavery

Laura, a stunningly beautiful high-end prostitute works in a brothel in Buenos Aires. Jason, an American veteran of the Iraqi war arrives in Buenos Aires to start a new life. He meets Jenny, a beautiful tango dancer who helps him cope with his war time trauma. Laura, Jenny's sister, the black sheep of the family discovers a human trafficking network that is run from the secret backrooms of the brothel.

Laura proves the saying 'We never know how high we are till we are called to rise.'

When confronted by the extreme suffering of the women and the brutal cruelty of their keepers, Laura rises to the occasion. Gathering her courage, overcoming her drug induced haze, Laura helps one of the victims escape, unleashing the wrath of the cartel who are now after her and her family.

STOLEN TANGO takes an unflinching look at the world of human trafficking, taking us on a suspenseful journey from the sensual façade of tango dancing to the darkest secrets of the cruel trade of sex slavery.

Crime/suspense/ action/ thriller / 120minutes/ Spanish language/ HD/ 4K



A Ghost Story 

As Emma works to create a beautiful Christmas for the children she is looking after, the warm glow of the Christmas tree and the sparkling of the ornaments are in stark contrast with the hostility of the children in their freezing house.

The serendipity that landed Emma with a place to stay over the holidays turns out to beless of a blessing as the holiday's progress.

As Emma's anxiety grows, strange shadows start appearing, turning into creatures in the realm where reality and dreams merge.

Overwrought, Emma's fear and crumbling grip on reality edges into her dreams, blurring her daily anxiety attacks with visions of a foreboding stranger in the house.

 The unsettling connection between her nightmares and the eerie truth of this family lead her to confront the terror that comes from somewhere much graver than her own mind. 

With the truth revealed, this suspenseful and intense story culminates in a happy ending like all good Christmas movies should.

Paranormal/ Thriller / 72 min/ English



Have you ever wondered what the cutting edge is like in the hippest city of the world, Berlin? If you did, TRUE LOVE WAYS is the movie for you. This ultra-stylish film reminiscent of Luis Buñuel and Dario Argento will draw you in and captivate you with its haunting dream-like images and thrilling suspense.

The gorgeous Séverine is victim of a conspiracy.  During a trip to the seaside she has to fight for her life when a bunch of brutal offenders trap her. After a bloody trip she discovers something that she has never experienced before…

GENRE:  erotic thriller - horror / 103 minutes / German


Fear will run its course 

Reminiscent of "The Hills Have Eyes" and "the Wrong Turn" A young jogger named Jason (Daniel Garcia) is out doing what he loves: running cross-country. Unknown to him, he trespasses into private property and is lured into a false sense of security. What seemed like a routine run in the countryside turns into a heart-pounding nightmare. Will Jason escape to tell the story?

"A genuinely eerie, terrifying movie" - StarReviews

GENRE:  suspense/horror/thriller/ DIRECTOR: Mumtaz Yildirimlar / 75 minutes HD / English 2014


A real-time kidnapping in the Colombian jungle.

Mark, an American contractor  working for a oil company, wakes up in the midst of  the lush Colombian jungle, tied up and hanging to  a tree, next to him , Vanesa, a local prostitute. The kidnappers violently torture  Mark and  his local friend, Mauricio, to find out the code to transfer 40 million dollars out of the company’s bank account. Mark does not speak Spanish and only understands what Vanesa can translate.  The problem is: if he tells them the bank  transfer code, they will kill him... and if he doesn’t , they will kill him  anyway...

GENRE: action - suspense - thriller /   94 minutes / 2014 Colombian / Spanish


Fight Club meets the Twilight Zone in this mixed sci-fi/ action/adventure/fight/martial arts film, starring Morgan Benoit (Forbidden Kingdom, 47 Ronin.) and featuring sci-fi fan favorites David Mattey (HANCOCK) and Stacy Jorgensen (GREY SKIES.) The fight sequences were created by two of Hollywood’s top stunt performers, Colin Follenweider (Avatar; X-Men) and Chris Torres (Letters from Iwo Jima, HOSTEL).

Brutal, that critics are calling “genre redefining”, centers on Trevor (Morgan Benoit), who is abducted at the age of fifteen by an unseen alien presence. Forced into nearly two decades of no-holds-barred fights against other abductees, Trevor evolves from an innocent boy into a brutal fighting machine.

Derek, (Jeff Hatch) an ambulance chasing lawyer, is the latest lab-rat abductee forced to fight Trevor. As they exchange increasingly violent beatings over the course of weeks and months, the brutality of their existence ironically begins to reveal the true nature of their humanity.

With elements of the paranormal juxtaposed with the most violent fight scenes you will ever see on screen, BRUTAL explores the animal aspect of human nature and our propensity to commit unthinkable acts against each other. Yet, it is through this prism of brutality that our capacity to love proves victorious even in the worst of circumstances.

Read about Brutal on Dread Central

GENRE: action/adventure/fight/paranormal/martial arts  DIRECTOR: Donald Lawrence Flaherty / 88 minutes / English


A musical starring Backstreet Boy KEVIN RICHARDSON, DIVA ZAPPA (daughter of musical genius Frank Zappa), BRIAN GASKILL of “The Bold and the Beautiful” and “All My Children” with Tarantino actress Daniele Watts

This sexy vampire musical is swirling with troubled Vampires, hot dancing girls and boys, drug addled nymphettes, existential zombies. Gallons of blood are rounding out this French New Wave version of a Pulp Fiction meets Strictly Ballroom romp as Vampire BackStreet Boy (Kevin Richardson) is being hunted by a Zombie Zappa (Diva Zappa).  While mesmerized by the visuals and the music, we realize that this ingenious musical alludes to a subtle morality tale, illuminating the mindless predatory nature of humans – where more will never be enough. 

Praised by the LA Times, Huffington Post, E!, MTV news and Perez Hilton, “The Bloody Indulgent” is undoubtedly taking its place next to Rocky Horror Picture Show.

GENRE:  musical horror   /  DIRECTOR:  Ken Roht / 85 minutes


Sex, Drugs, and Satanism

The band Fever Dreams arrives at a rundown shack in the middle of the desert, where they'll be recording their new album. It seems like an odd place to record but it's done at the request of Terry, the legendary record producer. Terry is known just as much for his weirdness as he is for his gold records. But tragedy strikes the band on the first night when their lead singer Melissa is found dead in the house. She suffered from depression so everyone assumes it was a suicide - except her boyfriend, and bass player, Wes, who isn't buying it. Terry offers to help Wes discover the truth behind her death but it turns out he has a sinister motive: Terry is a Satanist who plans to exploit Wes's anger to help him pull off a ritual that would open the gates of Hell. What results is a mesmerizing game of cat and mouse between the impressionable Wes and the evil and manipulative Terry, which leads to an ending so shocking it will leave viewers shaking. 


GENRE: Paranormal / Horror / 93 min / USA 2014 HD


Playing on HBO Latino, Fall 2013

In New York, Solimar a Puerto Rican woman who works in a “nail salon” becomes obsessed with the violent sexual practices of her new neighbors, a Dominican man Roberto and his Haitian-Dominican wife Perpetue. Solimar, as a voyeur of their intimate life, one day witnesses a particularly brutal encounter. Perpetue disappears after that. Apparently she went back to the Dominican Republic to see her children. In her absence Solimar and Roberto develop an intense and violent sexual relationship. For the first time in a very long time, Solimar feels a connection with her innermost desires and true identity. The fact that itʼs wrong makes it right for her. She lost both her parents when she was very young. Supposedly, her mother abandoned them causing her father to commit suicide. She hasnʼt been back to Puerto Rico in a long time and canceled any connection with her past. The sudden appearance of an unidentified womanʼs dead body in the Bronx River awakes her suspicion. Solimar has fallen in love with Roberto and what could be a threat for her itʼs transformed into an erotic drive that she canʼt stop. She has to decide whether to confront Roberto or live with the most terrible doubt.

GENRE: erotic thriller /  DIRECTOR: Ari Manuel Cruz / 102 minutes / Spanish and English


Filmed in 20 countries - 20 years in the making - A stunningly filmed portrait of life.

The rhythm of life revealed in the tradition of “Koyaanisqatsi” and “Samsara”

Richard Wawman’s unique film mesmerizes and transports us to the most remote areas of the world untouched by civilization, exploring the deep and intimate relationships between gender and sex, family, death, food, rituals and the rhythm of life that is universal. With no voice-over and direction for the viewer, the experience is personal and challenging: what seems to be a looking glass into a disappearing world and diverse cultures turns out to be a mirror reflecting back to us the follies and short-sightedness of our own pre-conceived ideas and prejudices 

GENRE: Feature documentary /  DIRECTOR: Richard Wawman / 123 minutes


The Master of Gore is back!  Renowned  German splatter director Olaf Ittenbach merges  the best of the mythological fantasy genre with creature film and splatter elements in an exotic, picturesque setting

Selma, an archaeologist, known from movies like “House of Blood”, “Blood Reign” and  “Garden of Love “ discovers a 5000 year old Portal during her excavations in Morocco. She also finds a mysterious, ancient card, written in a secret language. Gabriel Moses, a pretended art dealer wants to buy the ancient card. An argument between him and Selma escalates and Selma gets killed in a shootout.

Suddenly, she finds herself in medieval times and then gets transported into the astral world, a dimension in the beyond. Horrifying creatures appear and try to kill Selma again whose mission is finally revealed: she was chosen to solve the riddle with the card that will help her to close the door to hell.  The closer she get to her destination, the more she realizes that her arch-enemy Moses has already opened the gate to hell.....

GENRE: Horror - Fantasy - Zombie /  DIRECTOR: Olaf Ittenbach / 82 minutes / English 

Gabi, a burn unit nurse, is in charge of the mother of an unborn child,  burned and comatose from a serial killer assault. The cop handling the case,  a friend of Gabi, asks for her help to identify the serial-killer if she wakes up. Gabi’s  relationship with her  paralyzed, wheelchair-bound husband is falling apart. She finds comfort in an affair with a mysterious lover, one who doesn’t let her see his face. Long before expected, Gabi realizes that her mystery lover is the killer. The film is narrated by the baby still inside his mother’s womb

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GENRE: Thriller / DIRECTOR: Leonardo Antonio / 120 minutes / HD / Portuguese with English Subtitles

A high voltage action movie by the Best Action Film Director of 2012.

Part Tarantino, part Tony Scott, this award winning action movie is consistently absorbing and supremely confident in writing and direction. Kely  McClung’s “Blood Ties” has stacked up an impressive list of awards: "Action Film Of The Year," "Best Director," "Best Of Festival," "Best International Film", “Best Action Film Director of 2012.”

The combination of torrid music and luscious cinematography complements the expertly crafted martial arts sequences as the heartfelt mission of the hero takes him and us to exotic locations in six cities and three countries.

GENRE: Action Martial Arts /  DIRECTOR: Kely McClung / 93 minutes / English


The Ultimate Wine-party at the Riviera

What seems like an innocent wine tasting weekend turns into a bizarre, wicked, sensually overheated debauchery, culminating in a murderous grand finale evening and the fateful morning after. Starring Kim Sonderholm of The Killing Games Available for 4K delivery.

GENRE:  Fantasy / Creature / Black Comedy / Horror / 103 min / English / HD 2015


A Mesmerizing and suspenseful  paranormal thriller with a wicked twist of an ending, PSYCHOPHONY is yet another example of the boundless creativity and originality of the New Spanish Cinema. 

The chilling movie recreates the risky experiment that Dr. Helena Jara undertook with a group of patients suffering from schizophrenia in order to prove that their hallucinations had a paranormal origin. The mystery hidden in the youngest patient, Ainara, will change the course of events. Based on the finding of the original video and audio tapes of the experiment in March 2006, the film shot in 2011 shows the unexpected occurrence of some chilling EVPs.A must see for the lovers of the paranormal, the mysterious and the suspenseful.

GENRE: Paranormal /  DIRECTOR: Xabier Berraondo / 80 minutes / Spanish

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the lab, not a creature was stirring, except the cadavers!’ When a professor’s Christmas experiment goes horribly awry, it’s up to the university’s janitor to mop up the mess...But dealing with the undead may be a job even the best janitor can’t keep under control… and where else to recruit help but at the local bar! This soon-to-be Christmas classic is a blend of holiday gore and zombie cheer, guaranteed to bring a smile to your face when you’re not turning away in disgust -- just like holidays with the family.  

“...quite funny,ludicrously over the top”

GENRE: Horror/Comedy /  DIRECTOR: Joseph Zerull / 86 minutes / English (Polish version also available)

A black comedy mockumentary about a family of vampires bored with immortality.

Living in Belgium, they eat illegal immigrants, children, handicapped folk, and take every advantage they can suck out of the country's social system.

An IFC release in the United States

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GENRE: black comedy /  DIRECTOR: Vincent Lannoo / 98 minutes / French with English subtitles