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John Titor is from the future.  From the year 2036, he has come to tell of a not so distant World War the likes of which our planet has never seen.  

Weak from an escalating Civil War, America cannot possibly sustain its global control over Iran and North Korea.  And it will only get worse, he warns, if we cannot stop it in time.

Caught up on a mission to prove fact or fiction of his claim, a young documentarian searches for proof of Titor’s allegations.  Her initial skepticism is checked when all of the materials related to her documentary are seized and confiscated by members of a government agency, silencing her for good. After all her investigations lead to the Philadelphia experiment and the Montauk project, the most secret government projects of all times.

GENRE: thriller /  DIRECTOR: Scott Norwood / 80 minutes / English

Home: The Horror Story  attacks the traditional value morality of the U.S. in a dark comedic fashion,  with irony and wit. 

GENRE: comedy /  DIRECTOR: Temi Lopez / 78 minutes / English

As the new priest of a small rural parish, Leonard appears to be a quiet, contemplative man,  a friendly neighbor, and a trusted advisor…but Leonard has a secret. With a history of warped religious fervor and psychotic behavior, Leonard managed to escape from a mental institution.  He then murdered a priest to assume his identity. Leonard plays his congregants like chess pieces in a game of insanity, turning neighbor against neighbor, sending them into a tangled web of deceit, jealousy, and murder...

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GENRE: thriller /  DIRECTOR: James Anthony Cotton / 117 minutes / English

Dreams, hallucinations, and paranoid reality torment a young math professor after his wife’s death in a car accident. As madness, addiction and affairs send the story spiraling towards its conclusion, the truth about what really happened comes into focus. BUTTERFLY DREAMING explores, in a modern psychological thriller, Chuang Tzu’s famous dream of 300 BCE, when he dreamt he was a butterfly but, upon  re-awakening,  wondered which was true: dreaming of changing into a butterfly, or dreaming of changing into Chuang Tzu...

GENRE: thriller /  DIRECTOR: Rufus Williams / 84 minutes / English

A troubled young girl gets a job at a modeling school where she is tortured by the voices in her head and the sounds in the walls. Roman Polanski meets Roger Corman in this micro-budget masterpiece made by a group of students under the leadership of veteran actor John Walcutt.

GENRE: psychological thriller /  DIRECTOR: John Walcutt / 75 minutes / English

A suspenseful, stylish horror movie set in Beverly Hills. A family’s dream home turns out to be much less when they learn that a grisly mass murder was committed some years before.  Things get worse when a strange paranormal manifestation begins turning their idyllic world into a living nightmare. Despite the red flags and increasingly bizarre occurrences, they intend to stick it out and remain in the house.  But with the haunting escalating, they may find themselves trapped…with no way out.

GENRE: Supernatural Thriller /  DIRECTOR: Alec Tuckman / 89 minutes / English

While hosting a party at her swank loft in Venice CA, Manananaan, a  beauty, is kidnapped by a poet-sucking creature of the night, Vanquo,  forcing Mara, her LA artist sister, to journey to the faraway Emerald  Isle, the land of their ancestors, in an attempt to rescue her. But  when she arrives on the green shores the luck of the Irish turns  against her and her beloved family starts dropping like flies. Mara  must resist the powerful sensual allure of the demons of darkness and 
 focus on her fight to capture a secret serum which holds the promise  of immortality before it falls into the wrong hands and threatens to  unleash an eternal reign of terror. With creatures, faeries, mad scientists, castles, twins, leprechauns and lots of blood this  surreal, mystical fantasy with a generous dose of humor depicts a  fight between good and evil with the heart of Ireland as its prize. Shot with resplendent visuals by award-winning director, Pegarty Long,  in Los Angeles and Ireland "The Irish Vampire Goes West" is a unique  film experience, a surreal treat not to be missed.

GENRE: horror fantasy /  DIRECTOR: Pegarty Long / 90 minutes / English

Johnny became a hardened soul after seeing his father murdered at 5 years old. He still can’t shake the bad memories that guided him to a life of crime, while his brother grew up to be a respectable prosecutor. When the brothers make a final attempt to reunite and put the past behind them,  trouble catches up...with both men. To his surprise, Johnny’s enemies may just be the brother’s enemies as well. The time has come for the brothers to put their differences aside and protect each other.

GENRE: action thriller /  DIRECTOR: Rico Johnson / 89 minutes / English

Sometimes You Are Not Alone In An Empty Building. A Chilling Paranormal Thriller In The Tradition of The Shining.

Julia and Alexander take a job in an isolated school where an evil spiritual presence influences their eccentric teacher into violence, while the kids see horrific forebodings from the past and future. The teacher, Mr. Zenidro, is underway in a history project when he slowly slips into insanity as a result of sleep deprivation, isolation and frequent visits by the ghosts of former teachers and students. After being convinced by a teacher's ghost to "correct" Julia, Mr. Zenidro, goes completely insane. The genuinely atmospheric movie is not about ghosts but about madness and the energies it sets loose in an isolated situation primed to magnify them.

GENRE: Paranormal /  DIRECTOR: Wes Tomasz Ciesla / 96 minutes / English

Driven by love, Resnik (WWF Champion Scott  ‘Raven’  Levy) was imprisoned for butchering a man and kidnapping a young girl, Kelly (Kym Jackson, Criminal Minds).  For the safety of his fellow inmates, Resnik was only allowed to wake, eat and exercise alone, after dark. He learned to like it.  Having escaped during a midnight transfer, Resnik heads back to Moonlight Bay, and Detective Raynor (Bruce Hopkins, Lord of the Rings) has only 12 hours before the sun goes down, and the carnage begins, again...

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GENRE: horror /  DIRECTOR: Dru Brown / 87 minutes / English

An inspector (Renee O’Connor, Xena: Warrior Princess) for the Historic Trust visits an abandoned ship on a desolate waterfront. Moments after her arrival, her car is destroyed and her life is about to change forever.In the chaos that follows, she meets up with the odd, self-appointed caretaker (Larry Joe Campbell, Wedding Crashers, Hall Pass) of the ship. Without any particular option, she takes him up on his offer to spend the night.  Indeed, her life will never be the same.

GENRE: Supernatural Thriller /  DIRECTOR: Richard Brauer / 94 minutes / English